Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 255 - Happy Monday - Happy March!

The snow is starting to melt a bit off the roof and it is so nice to think spring will be coming soon. Hope all of you are seeing your baby steps add up.

Marriage - Check. Starting looking for a sitter for our date night as we had to cancel our last due to illness.
Parenting - We played a fun game called Numbers Snap at dinner tonight that both kids got - Kai kinda...
Business - Met with a person who is a student of a tech college here and has designed several company webpages. He is young, but seems very capable.
Book - Met with a former writer for an educational company and she had some good input. She pointed out that most boys aged 5-8 are still in the pre-reading stage and the books would have to be read to them, thus must appeal to moms and dads. She also pointed out that in schools kids often don't start studying history until fourth grade, so there wouldn't be much context at that age for our playsets - I'm not sure where that takes me, but it was something to think about.
FI - Said no to several garden and house magazines at Walmart - saving about $10. I get oodles of these free at the magazine exchange at my library so it's sort of crazy to buy them new - but are those covers ever tempting....
Health - 30 cardio
Spirit- Rereading the Mind Consciousness book and every time my thoughts go gloomy or anxious about my company, I just refuse to go there. That is quite a hard lesson to learn. I would guess many, many people stop building a company just due to the fear voices that like to chatter - to the loss of a lot of great ideas.
Garden - Started rooting some houseplants for summer containers.
House - nada
Bus. Vocab. Nada

And while I'll like to remedy those "nadas" tonight - tomorrow is another day and all in all it was a good and productive day and tomorrow is a new start. Good night!


  1. Eileen,
    I see the point made about the books needing to be "prereader" but, look at the Indian and the Cupboard books, or the Hardy Boys books, they enjoyed large followings. I think that their are ways you could tell the same story on several levels. -you could have mostly illustrated books, partially illustrated books or illustrated books with large blocks of text and so on.
    Have you read the Sara Plain and Tall books? or -I can't think of the author is the book Clues in the woods? I have to look that one up. (I find myself reading a lot of children's books lately that are beyond my younger kids. As a lifetime reader I very much want my kids to be able to have close at hand the books that I loved.) Has there been any progress on the stories themselves?
    I don't think they have to be "for boys" alone. I loved adventure stories and read fantasy and historical fiction that seemed to have been marketed for boys as an elementary schooler.

    I saw that your computer had a kid related incident and I feel for you and your son. I am assuming this was a laptop. What a huge bummer. My mom is trying to rescue files from one, probably as I type, and has asked me to re-email her all the pictures we've ever emailed her:( Hope you have not lost any important files.
    Good luck on all fronts,

  2. Hi Annette,

    Thanks so much for your ideas. It was nice to hear from you. We are really struggling with the difficulty level adn what is the right fit. We are targeting boys aged 5-9, so there is a pretty steep mix of reading abilities and the assumption is the younger ones will have the stories read to them, but with heavy illustrations so they can look through and recreate the stories with the play sets. You make a good point about the Indian in the Cupboard and in fact, Kirk and I just finished the Boxcar Children - so let me give some thought to that. And good wishes to your own computer info saving! Eileen