Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 240 Back in cyber space and just cooking along with the business;-)

Hello to all and apologies for the long absence. I've got my new laptop and am learning to use it. Things are coming along well for the company. This morning I met with the programmer we hired, a student here, who hopes to have our initial very basic website up within a week. I am being interviewed for a small on-line business magazine and I'd hoped to have some sort of placeholder website when the article comes out.

For lunch today, Greg and I meet with a Search Engine Optimization expert to learn a bit about this. My learning curve is steep, but essentially, we're trying to create something that will come up on Google easily.

After that I have a three hour seminar on creating a brand and general information on marketing in the new world of technology. So a busy day.

The kids are doing great. We went for a bike ride yesterday to our favorite fish pond as it was almost 54 degrees and sunny and felt like spring. Greg and I are also very excited about our first ever trip to Hawaii for my dear friend Emelia's wedding.

Garden thoughts are filling my mind lately as the weather gets warmer. From Craigslist, I bought 100 cannas - half red half green for $75 to put in pots and around the gardens to attract even more hummingbirds. We have one little green guy who comes back every year to dine on the potted annuals on the deck, but he is quite territorial, so I wanted to give some other hummers a chance. Spare moments are spent with my red wheelbarrow trying to clean up the incredible mess left behind when we had to have two hundred year old dead oaks taken down. Kai helped out last night for a bit - in his jammy bottoms.;-)

A friend and I spent Sunday walking for a charity and then the kids came downtown with Greg for a bit parade.

Trying to keep my thoughts always on the positive and what I'm grateful for to crowd out the occasional worries and this mostly seems to be working. Heard a great quote by Cervantes the other day - the road is better than the inn - and I'm working hard to enjoy every moment of this exciting journey.

Good wishes to all our you on your goals and dreams. Eileen

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