Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 238 - Daily Roundup

It was a happy and productive day. I had breakfast at a cafe called Marigolds and took the advice from a book I was reading to make a list of 20 ways I could improve my marriage - be a better wife - and 20 ways I could be a better mom. It took a lot of thought, but it was fun to brainstorm. And Greg, when you read this in New Orleans tonight - just know I think you're awesome and hope we continue to make our happy marriage even stronger.

Marriage - check - will count the list.
Parenting - We went to the zoo and to a park and out to the ZuZu cafe for a snack. Other than Kai throwing a screaming 10 decible fit on the drive home - I can't even remember what started it, but it went on a good 20 minutes - otherwise, a fun day.
Business - Talked to the lead mentor from my Merlin Mentor group to schedule our next meeting.
Book - Made a discussion list for the writers for tomorrow.
FI - Passed through several shops today hoping to find some great dress for my friend's wedding in Hawaii, but didn't buy anything. I will probably wear something I already have.
Garden - Using floresent lights in the basement to jump start my cannas and dahlias.
Health - Met with my friend/trainer today. I have three meetings left.
Spirit - When I got up this morning, I did an exercise I'd read about and thought of 20 things I was grateful for before getting out of bed. Also had some good laughs with my friend today.
House - Will get out some Easter decorations tonight.
Bus. Vocab. - double auction market, negotiation, validity, inflation risk.

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