Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 232 Nightly Roundup

To love what you do and feel that it matters - how could anything be more fun? Katherine Graham

Do one more thing at the end of the day and at the end of the year you'll have done 365 more things. Richard Pratt

Kirk was home sick today, so he went with me to my hair appointment and rested on a couch. It was my last chance to get in before the Hawaii trip, so I'm not sure that makes me the most sensitive mom, but he seemed okay with it;-).

Marriage - Sorry Greg - didn't get anything in today....
Parenting - Kirk's teacher conference was last night and she said he was doing well at everything and excelling at reading. The goal is a level 2 at that stage in kindergarten and he is at a level 6, independent reading, so it was nice to know all those nights of rhyming cards and letter sounds made a difference;-). His speech teacher said there's not much we can do about his speech at this point until his teeth grow in - he has a sort of lisp with s/sh/r/th sounds.
Business - A person applied for the video job that sounds like he could do it, so I emailed him tonight to see if he might be able to meet tomorrow briefly.
Book - Nada.
Garden - nada
Spirit- Had some friends over for a pizza/cupcake party after swim lessons and we all had a good time.
Health/beauty - Hair is blond again - thanks to a lot of bleach;-).
FI - I bought a new math/numbers game for the astounding price of $32 for Kai. I was looking at our games and realized the most we generally pay was $1. The others you see here were 25 cents and 40 cents. So I'm pretty cost conscious here as I can find a lot of great educational games at thrift stores. But I'd been doing a lot of reading about math and numbers and how size and texture matter a lot to young children, so I decided to spring for the German Haba game and have found it's worth it. Kai loved playing with the numbers and putting them in different order and even using them to count along with his favorite story "Seven Little Rabbits" choosing the number that would go along with each page. I think all these games really make a difference - sort of private tutoring for pennies;-). Way cheaper than college tuition....
House - Is very, very clean - did a cleaning - it's always easier to clean when you're having company.
Bus. Vocab. Nada.

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