Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 239 - Nightly Roundup

Marriage - check - made Greg a dinner he really likes.
Parenting - Kai and I spent lots of good quality time together. He helped me with the mess in the back yard, we played bus, went to the library, and read stories. I've started picking up a lot of stories with cassette tapes as he loves these. One called Seven Little Rabbits, he will listen to over and over and today I saw him pointing at the words as the author was reading - not the right words by any stretch, but he was connecting that the letters were words and somehow matched to what was being said, so that must be good pre-literacy training.
Business - The marketing seminar yesterday stressed the importance of social media in companies today and I'm thinking in addition to a blog and "boy issues" links for parents to everything from bed wetting to bullying, maybe we could do some video clips of the process of building a company, starting with taping some of the writers' brainstorming sessions. So I asked the two student writers and the student doing the website if they knew another student in film that could tape our hour meetings and then condense it down to a few minutes. I would have no idea how to edit something like that, so I'm hoping we'll find someone.
Book - I wrote an email to my two writers today suggesting they look into network of other writers, especially historic fiction for additional ideas and feedback.
FI - Started gathering all our donation receipts for tax time.
Health - No bagel with Pepsi or breakfast;-).
Spirit - We're keeping up with our one kind act a day challenge and it's fun to hear Kirk's each day. He's always eager to share his and ask for ours. Sometimes he does a better job than his parents....
Garden - Wonderful day here - in the 60's - so continued to work on the back yard and potted up some dahlias - three clumps at $3 each from the Craigslist guy I got the cannas from.
House - Bought three small bouquets - 3 for $9.99 at the grocery store and put one in the front hall and one in each of the boys' bedrooms and this has been a big hit.
Bus. Vocab. - unilateral contract, basket, acceptance credit, analyst

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