Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 234 - Updated this morning

We should never let our fears hold us back from pursuing hopes. John F. Kennedy

Look at your life as a beautiful fabric woven from wonderful rich colours and fine cloth. Make a plan, one that is full of obtainable goals for a happy life. Read through the plan daily so that it becomes a permanent part of your thought process. Sara Henderson - Australian outback station manager and writer.
I was talking to my very dear friend, who is my age, and about to be married in Hawaii. We were talking about having kids. She is excited to start her family, and I very, very, very dearly hope to have a third child. As we were talking, she told me about some research that makes the numbers for that seem at first glance very unlikely - due to age, etc. and for a bit, an overwhelming flood of sadness was there. And a bit of hopelessness too. But I reminded myself that our thoughts are our lives and I could dwell in the positive or the worry and managed to choose the positive. I find myself more able to do this all the time.

I read recently something to the effect, "Our thoughts are not our friends". The author was talking about the enormous number of thoughts we have that are fear, worry, anger, negative talk about ourselves, our bodies, our appearance, etc. His conclusion was that if we had a friend constantly chatting all this negative stuff at us all day, we'd quickly decide we didn't want to hear it and run the other way. I think there's some truth to that. Fortunately, we can make our thoughts into the most positive, encouraging, wonderful, upbeat friends we could ever wish for and then you've got in your head a wonderful source of constant support and encouragement and humor. So I wish for each of you today thought choices that dwell on the good!

Yesterday was productive.

Marriage - check.
Parenting - I put up a numbers chart for Kai, who has his alphabet down pat but finds numbers tricky. We went for a long walk in the woods and the neighbor took off the ladder to an old tree deer hunting stand that I was worried about the kids climbing.
Business - I had a two hour meeting with our manufacturing consultant and gave him the odds and ends I had collected to use as models. I'll be excited to hear estimates of prototypes.
Books - Got 10 children's books of the Revolutionary War and 10 of the Lewis and Clark trip from the library and hope these help my writers study the pictures and add more sense details to their writings - more details on how things looked, sounded, smelled, etc.
Health - Did my 30 minutes of cardio.
Spirit - Got four books of positive sayings at a thrift shop.
FI - We usually eat out at Noodles after swim lessons and this week I picked up extra pie crust to make pizzas here at home and cupcakes to have a little party and save money.
Garden - Got some plant food to start feeding my geraniums.
House - Have been having Kirk tidy up his room before bed so he can wake up to a clean room - some success with this.
Bus. Vocab. Security interest, red herring, bull market, contract for differences


  1. Just found your blog and have spent some time looking around. I am a fellow frugal fan, and am looking forward to returning to follow you a bit.

  2. Karen,

    Welcome. I feel like my frugality has taken a bit of a hit as I focus so much time on building my company. The older posts were more focused on this. But I find I need to revisit those frugal goals now both as a CEO and as a mom/wife. So good wishes to you. There's a lot of fun in being frugal!