Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 336 - Nightly Roundup

Way under the weather. I think I'm coming down with whatever yucky thing the kids had. But I'm going to try to channel the post office - through wind and snow and rain....and the at least baby steps.

1. Happy marriage. Check.

2. Enjoy and nurture the kids - We spent some time trekking about the arboretum.

3. Publish the Frugal Millionairess in 2010 - Read a few pages in the New Writer's Handbook

4. Grow Curiosity Cottage into a highly successful online market place for dual use educational items as well as creating a line myself. I found out I will have to do a ten minute presentation to the board of the organization where I hope to be matched with a mentor. The presentation is to be Dec. 1, but I just got a notice of jury duty that overlaps those days so I'm hoping we can reschedule if necessary. I also started drafting a letter to the founder of American Girl, who also lives in WI in the hopes she might be willing to meet with me at some point to discuss my business.

5. FI by 2010 - Cut grocery costs down to $105 this week from an average of $130 to $140. But I will have to see if I end up eating out more as I bought lots of produce rather than ready to eat food.

6. Complete the four sides and center of back garden and create a lovely, groomed bird sanctuary. Three neighbors dropped off leaves the last few days and I've been mulching with these.

7. Be and feel healthy and beautiful. Got lots of fresh produce and fruits this grocery shopping day and I am hoping that I'll eat at least five servings a day, to move up to ten in time.

8. Spirit/catchall. To give and receive joy and be in the moment and laugh at least 20 times a day. Will have to count the arboretum walk for this as the trees and leaves were lovely and we spotted a large group of wild turkeys.

9. Create a beautiful, organized home that adds happiness to our lives. Spent at least an hour cleaning using Fly lady today.

10. Have an excellent business understanding by having a broad business vocabulary. Open economy, outright rate, fixed sum per unit, flat rate.

Off to walk dog then a nice glass of Nyquil and sleep. Goodnight! Eileen

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