Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 326- Nightly Roundup

1. Happy marriage to Greg. check
2. Enjoy and nurture the kids - We met my parents halfway tonight for Kai to come back from his visit. He had a hard time saying goodbye to Grandma, but we were thrilled to have him home.
3. Build the Curiosity Cottage into an extremely successful educational company that helps many people. Started keeping records of costs such as having my business cards made, the conference, and paying the person for the initial 10 hours of research. This should help during tax time.
4. Successfully publish my book. About two minutes of adding to chapter one.
5. Spirit/catchall - Reading a wonderful book called "This Time I Dance" and watched a bit more of Ellen today - she definitely makes me laugh!
6. Be and feel healthy and beautiful - 30 minutes cardio - So glad we bought the elliptical when our health club closed down five years ago. It's been worth every penny and handy beyond belief when you can exercise in your pjs.
7. Create a beautiful, groomed, bird sanctuary - Started rounding up seeds for winter sowing, which will begin on the solstice.
8. FI in 2010 - Spent lots of time updating our accounts now that we finally have the Quicken program working.
9. Create and organized, beautiful home. When through a big stack of papers and mail and made considerable progress.
10. Become an excellent business woman in part due to an excellent vocabulary - cumulative voting, keeper, key success factors, leave behind.


  1. Eileen,
    I am glad you went back to the nightly round up. I missed it. It reminds me of what I did in my categories each day, and what I can do tomorrow to even things out... Plus it's interesting and educational to see how you are going about achieving your goals.
    It's a good friendly nudge to get once a day.

  2. Thanks so much Antoinette for the encouragment. Sometimes what I do seems so tiny and almost crazy to even bother writing down, like the two minute stretches on the book. But as you say, even little steps add up. And it forces me to do something if I'm going to post it. Your comment was the friendly nudge I needed to feel like it's worthwhile to keep at it. So thanks and thanks again! Eileen