Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 334 - Nightly Roundup

1. Happy Marriage - Check

2. Enjoy and nurture kids. We met Greg downtown, created some amount of havoc in the office as Kai managed to shatter a Hawkeye snowglobe that was on a bookshelf and Kirk broke down into sobs ordering Dad to "Get another JUST like it -NOW!". From there we walked to our favorite Chinese restaurant and all had a nice time.

3. Have the Frugal Millionairess published in 2010. - Had an earlier blog entry on my $20,000 experiment in happiness published on the Thrifty Fun site, which as its name implies, is both fun and thrifty. And in the mail, my friend's book arrived in the mail from Amazon. Her book is Outside the Limelight - Basketball in the Ivy League. You can't believe how cool it is to see her picture on the jacket. I've known her since fourth grade, so it is inspiring to see her now in print and gives me hope.

4. Build the Curiosity Cottage into a successful business that enhances learning and education for both kids and adults. Lots of time brainstorming this afternoon.

5. FI by 2010. Found an outdated coupon for drycleaning. I called and spoke to the manager of the store who agreed they would honor it and told me they did this regularly. Of old, I might not have even bothered to ask, so this was a good outcome. I'm channeling Heidi Klum's motto: No ask - No get!

6. Create a beautiful, groomed bird sanctuary in the back garden - Gathered seeds today to swap this winter at for winter sowing. Start gathering some if you want to be in on the big first sowing which occurs on the winter solstice, this year December 21.

7. Be and feel healthy and beautiful. Will have to count a walk around the block tonight.

8. Spirit/catchall. To give and receive joy, be in the moment, and laugh at least 20 times a day. Signed up for a two hour guided meditation on Sunday. As I tend to get antsy after 5 minutes, this will be an interesting experiment.

9. Create a beautiful, organized home that adds to our happiness. Three minutes on an upstairs closet. And even that shows some progress.

10. Become an excellent businesswoman in part due to a strong business vocabulary. 4 Ps, full position, full service agency, galvenometer.

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