Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 324 - Nightly Roundup.

Greg and the kids doing the morning bus routine. You can see Kai carries his own transport;-).

Marriage - check.
Parenting - Lots of time at the park today.
Company - Set up a meeting for Monday with an investment banker who very graciously agreed to give some feedback on the concept.
Book - I'm rereading a book my published friend highly recommended and gave me as a gift called Chapter after Chapter, and it's as wonderful as she told me it would be. One phrase I read tonight (about 2 minutes reading) was 'Writers get stuck because they haven't been writing. But they think exactly the opposite. They haven't been writing because they are stuck." And this reminded me what I'd read in This Time I Dance, that the work itself IS the way out. How's that for multiple messages from the universe all in one day?;-)
Health - 30 cardio
FI - Continuing to update our accounts now that we've got Quicken installed. It's a bit dismaying to enter so many receipts and realize how much those bagel and other outings add up when at a day's glance, so little seemed to have been spent.
Spirit- Connected with some long lost friends and relatives via Facebook
Garden - Brought in a tiny sweet alyssum that was still flowering along the front walk and it smells great!
House - 2 minutes on the front hall closet, enough to bag up about 15 pair of an insane number of summer sandals to store in the basement until next year;-).
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