Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 330 - Nightly Roundup

Big day at the conference. I definitely was out of my comfort zone, but found many of the mini-sessions helpful. In one we had to practice our "elevator pitch" and I realized that in a room of 50, while a handful had it down pat, most of the rest of us were struggling, feeling nervous, or even a bit confused. It felt strange to hand out business cards, but I'm sure all of this will seem more natural with time.


  1. It is really encouraging to me that you are counting the small things as well, THESE THINGS REALLY DO COUNT, it's just hard, at the end of the day to think, "I did this tiny thing toward my huge goal" and still keep the faith that these small things are steps toward a goal and be content with that.


  2. Thanks to YOU too for the encouragement. I do think baby steps really add up over time. Eileen