Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 325 - Nightly Roundup

Tapped out today and really just want to crawl under the covers and snooze. But I feel like I took off three days for the book signing, so baby steps I WILL do! And a quick shout out of thanks to Antoinette for the encouragement on those daily steps! Greg gets home tonight after four days in D.C. That will be awesome! Above is one of two giant oaks we lost to oak wilt. Thankfully we had takers from Craigslist who want a lot of the wood, but I think there will be plenty of mess left to clean up before that beautiful, groomed bird sanctuary becomes a reality;-).

Marriage - check.
Parenting - Volunteered in Kirk's class today, which helps me better understand the dynamics of his day.
Book - About two minutes.
Business - Half an hour on the revised business plan.
Health- 30 minutes cardio.
Garden - Yet another ivy geranium making its way indoors from the garage.
FI - Sold a snowsuit for $5 on Craigslist, then as always, cash in hand, wanted to conserve it by turning off extra lights and packing away any uneaten food to avoid waste.
Spirit- Reading a wonderful book called "This Time I Dance"
House - 2 minutes on the basement.
Bus. Vocab. - Lifestyle segmentation, List broker, Loss leader, Loyalty index.

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