Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 335 - Nightly Roundup - 30 Day Milestone for All of Us!

We started on day 365 and now we are to day 335. Have you seen any progress on any of your goals? Please let me know if you have. And if you still want to start - today's as good a day as any;-). Best wishes. Eileen

1. Happy Marriage - Check.

2. Enjoy and nurture kids. - Good playtime session tonight. For the record, despite the picture above, Kai is not "baby genius". He wanted a Bingo card like his older brother and then little red squares to fill it in. But the venture capitalist I met today does apparently have a kid genius who is doing an on-line homeschooling middle school sponsored by Stanford University - neat!

3. Build my company - Had an hour and a half meeting with a former venture capitalist who had a lot of ideas. I will go more in depth later when I'm back up to par. But it was a very helpful and thought provoking meeting.

4. Have the Frugal Millionairess published in 2010. - Read more in the New Writer's Handbook

5. Complete the four sides and center of back yard into a groomed, beautiful bird sanctuary. - Yet another neighbor brought three wagons of chopped leaves and we spread them on a new bed. And while I have OODLES of bulbs, if you're in the market, check out BLOOMINGBULB.COM which has some bulbs up to 60 percent off. I've had really good luck with this company. While the bulbs are not always really big, they've been good bloomers and when I've occasionally gotten some moldy ones, they were replaced. Right now you can get 100 pink hyacinth for something like $28 or 100crocus for $7.00. And if you did this, imagine your yard next spring! Hyacinths are also great for forcing.

6. Be and feel healthy and beautiful. Hair cut and the first manicure I've had in three years. I can't believe how nice my fingers look. As a die hard gardener, I never mess with my nails, but after my trip to Chicago, where I saw so many "groomed" women, I vowed at least for the winter months to take some care here.

7. Spirit/catchall. Be in the moment, give and receive joy, laugh at least 20 times a day. Just started reading a wonderful book called Chocolate for a Woman's Dreams, which is sort of like Chicken Soup of the Soul, and reading it is like laying a warm blanket just out of the dryer across my lap;-).

8. FI by 2010 - Rereading the Tightwad Gazette for inspiration.

9. Create an organized, beautiful home that adds to our happiness - Hung a lovely
antique Norse (??) wall hanging - hand woven - that I had gotten awhile back in this odds and ends thrift store for $32. On the bottom it reads I(J?)NGEBORG VED HAVET. Anyone here know Norse??

10. Become an excellent business woman in part through having an excellent business vocabulary. Knowledge capital, flighting, dollar duration, focus group interview

Goodnight. It's a cup of chamomile tea and a big dose of NyQuil and off to an early bedtime.


  1. Eileen,
    According to Google Translator it says Ingeborg at sea (vet means by or at and havet means sea)
    I love the internet.

  2. Thanks Antoinette. I hadn't done a Google search. Now I need to figure out who Ingeborg is;-). Eileen