Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Two dollars in $1600 out....

I was all set to post about our frugal weekend - weekly grocery shopping only $100 rather than the $150 it's been creeping up to (including paper/cleaning/other supplies). Sold a few plants each day, ate lunch before the zoo trip to avoid temptation, etc. Feeling pretty on top of this whole back to frugal living!

Then yesterday, our little guy had a tantrum in the car because he wanted mommy to drive him to preschool. Greg had agreed to drive to help me out. Just as Greg was backing out of the garage, Kai somehow managed to unlock the door and open it just far enough that it caught on the garage frame. No one hurt thank heavens. But the car door was bent on the frame and wouldn't close. So Kai and I followed Greg to a body shop on one side of town ($1600 estimate - will need new frame and door), then to a car rental place on the other side of town (five maybe six day's worth).

Later that day, I found two dollars tucked into my plant sale box - sold a bleeding heart. So it was $2 in, $1600 out. On the plus side, everyone is okay and I've found in the past every time you recommit to frugality, there are going to be a few blips here and there. This one was bigger than the usual blip, but as long as we stay the course, we'll come out ahead.

Happy days to all. Eileen

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