Friday, May 27, 2011

Frugal ups and downs....

Continuing to make efforts to get that extra $45 either cut from expenses or added to the till daily. This effort has made me much more aware of the drips and drabs that go out. The other day I was thinking of getting something for $2, I don't even now what it was, but definitely not a necessity. Then I thought, well that will just up the ante to $47 today and took a pass. I'm much more aware of eating expenses too and have been doing more casseroles and homemade pizza. This month's food won't make our ideal budget $400 for the entire month, but hopefully next month will.

On the up side, my neighbors are delighted with my mini-plant sale at the end of the driveway and several have told me how happy they were to buy a hosta, phlox or some other plant. I started hauling up the bins I stored through the year marked garage sale for my sale this coming week, another reminder to reduce clutter! I read somewhere the only things you should store are holiday and out of season clothing, otherwise, there should be nothing to "store" it should be used or gone. I like that idea.

Another blip when I went down to get the bins, I saw a puddle of water by the water softener. Plumber showed me the bottom is almost completely rusted out - it is from 1995, so a decent life length - and will have to be replaced. On the upside, an acquaintance has a husband that does small engine repair and our mower's pull start just came off, so he said he could fix it for us. So happy to repair verses replace. The mower was a great deal at $30 off Craigslist just as winter was setting in three or so years ago.

Finally, I got two bales of hay for $5 from a local farmer to put as mulch in the big vegetable garden I put in. My mini-van now has that nice "horsey" smell I like so much;-)

Signing off. Wishing you all frugal days. Eileen

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