Friday, May 20, 2011

Finding an extra $45 per day....

After our Quicken bit the dust, eventually partially restored by the Best Buy geek squad, I decided to go back to the pen and paper route as a backup. The Budget Kit came highly recommended so I'm starting to fill it out. Using savings goal calculator, I revised our goal for four years. It's a pretty steep goal, but it's always fun to aim high. To reach it, we would need to reduce our expenses $45 per day. So four times a day, a $11.25 choice needs to be questioned or nine times a day an extra $5 needs to be saved.

It is always fun to have a specific goal to shoot for. Having this in mind, I decided rather than Tastee Freeze small cones for the kids today, which I'd planned to ease our list of errands and donations, I popped a big bowl of popcorn and gave them each a water bottle and popcorn bag (recycled bread wrapper) and they were happy. (I didn't mention the decision to forgo the ice cream - that would NOT have gone over well). So there was about $4. Then I took half an hour and gathered a bunch of donations I'd stashed in the closet to drop off and got my receipt ($20 in tax savings). When we got home, I had $4 in my plant sale honesty box.

The majority of the savings is going to come from groceries (no more tossed guacamole), household, and leisure. And of the $45, $16 each day is toward a vacation fund for a big vacation that we could always postpone if we fail to meet our goal.

Good wishes to all on your own goals!


  1. This is inspiring! I'll have to see if The Budget Kit is at the library. We're back on the YMOYL bandwagon. Fell off because we were too busy and now I realize my life energy was being terribly mis-spent! I'm excited to get back on track ;).

  2. Hi Daryl, Thanks for your comment. We too were huge YMOYL fans. In fact, I've thought of starting a five or six week YMOYL group at my local library just to kick start a back to frugality mindset for myself. Like you, when we get busy, we spend a lot more thoughtlessly. Ironically I'm happier with having met the budget or saved money in most given days than having purchased some new gizmo- but of course that's hard to remember in the moemnt- especially if it's something for the garden.... Good wishes. Eileen