Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lazy man's compost idea not a success;-)

I try to compost as much as possible. There's something very satisfying in a granola type manner in taking all my cucumber peelings (despite the fact the cucumbers were likely trucked here from South America) and putting them right back into the earth. But I also strive for ease and had a recent brainstorm that rather than haul it all back to the soon to be vegetable garden clear on the other side of the yard, I'd just tuck these bits of future black gold right into the pots on my deck where they would decompose and feed my potted plants. Apparently last night a hungry creature (opossum? raccoon?) decided to check out the hidden buffet offerings and probably enjoyed the equivalent of an Easter Egg hunt throughout my deck. So today, the watermelon rind, peelings, and egg shells went directly out into the garden...bon appetit scavenging nocturnals...

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