Saturday, May 28, 2011

A fun, frugal day...

It was a fun, frugal, productive day - those are often the best. I was reading at the Happiness Project that people are often happiest not when they "let themselves off the hook" but rather push through and complete something difficult. I think there's a lot of truth to that.

Today I attended the Women Science Fiction Writer's conference. I sat in on some feminist topics and was interested to hear the various viewpoints of women in literature, especially the need for more powerful girl lead characters in young adult and middle grade books.

After the conference, I took our Pug to the dog park so she could stretch her legs and we scoured the town compost/recycle center where someone must have just dug up these four shrubs. At home I got my trusty shovel, my soaker hose, and wheelbarrow and as I type, they are all settled into their new home in my garden - fun, fun, fun.

Hoping to carry though that happiness project edict through the evening and clean the entire downstairs still tonight..and not "let myself off the hook" but that remains to be seen;-).

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