Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 203 and 204- Nightly Roundup

Greg has been out of town the last few days, back tonight, and we are so glad to have him home! Kai asked non-stop, often weepy, when daddy was going to be home.
My heart and admiration really go out to every single parent out there, doing it on your own is TOUGH work! And my heart and sympathy go out to every kid who has parents in the military. It's hard to miss mommy or daddy. We all owe a lot to those who wear the uniforms of our country.

Generally a productive few days.
Marriage - check - will count keeping the house standing and the kids fed and homework done;-).
Parenting - Lots of together time. Kirk and I are continuing with his reading and math for a bit each night and he continues to show progress. Even 15 minutes a day has a positive, noticeable cumulative effect.
Business - Continuing to work on website and blog about parenting and learning. I've taken a few articles I wrote here last year that I thought applied to the idea behind the company and posted those.
Book - Nada.
FI - Community Garage Sales in a neighboring town - can you say FUN!! And got Kirk's next few years of soccer shoes for $2 each, and a huge variety of household useful items all at great deals. Also sold $15 more in plants from the drive and have been doing good about eating at home almost solely.
Spirit - Did my kind acts each day this week.
Health - Last two nights I did cardio or yoga - tonight I my take off. Also eating far less sugar (decided to forgo several 20 ounce Dr. Peppers this past week).
Garden - Just loving selling plants each day and it forces me to focus on what I have rather than constantly searching for more.
House - Spent 10 minutes on the garage. Hoping to have a garage sale the week after next.
Vocab - cataclysm, cerebrate, clerisy, concomitant
Good wishes to all!! Cheerio. Eileen

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