Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 209 - Nightly Roundup

Kai deciding he needed to wear curlers, just like mom;-).
My mom, Grandma, spending a few days with us.
Going to a conference with a speaker on Wisdom and Meditation.

It's been a really full last few days. Plugging along.
Marriage - check. Had a good talk about expectations and mutual goals.
Parenting - Lots and lots of one on one time.
Business - More work on website.
Book - Good meeting with writers on Thursday.
FI - Really watching our spending closely of late - which is a good feeling. Not only spending less money, but less time shopping.
Spirit - I found the meditation conference helpful.
Health - Really cutting down my sugar intake - goal is to get it down to 32 grams a day.
Garden - Mom and I went to citywide garage sales on Friday and I got some iris and some mums and some daylilies - fun!
House - staying pretty tidy these past few days.
Bus. Vocab. Nada - need to work on this.
Best wishes.

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