Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 217 - Nightly roundup

There are no impossible dreams, just our limited perception of what is possible. Beth Mende Conny

Each second you can be reborn. Each second there can be a new beginning. It is a choice. It is your choice. Clearwater

Marriage - check.
Parenting - Kickball and soccer and lots of story time.
Business - Working on 10 initial articles/blogs for the company website about reading and learning.
Book - Running into some story line problems with the writers that we need to figure out.
FI - reworking our budget - our expenses over the last six months have really gone up due to less time and care spent in this area.
Spirit - Chatted with my mom and a good friend today.
Garden - Sold one plant and dug up others to sell.
Health - 30 cardio and a wee bit of yoga.
House - Pulled out my old fly lady routine to start tomorrow.
Bus. Vocab. - wash sale, repatriation, equity investment, import license.

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