Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 202, 201, 200

My kids and the neighbor kids all thought my little garden fountain was uber cool - They even got out their goggles and swim trunks. And I was happy as this was much cheaper entertainment than an inground pool;-)

Apologies for being so slow on updating. Summer means a large yard to mow and many flower beds to tend in addition to the usual routine. I get frazzled a bit here and there then remind myself my whole life is my thoughts and I can choose not to be frazzled - or so says my 1001 self-help books;-).

Marriage - check.
Parenting - Lots of play and reading and together time. Today Kirk had a dentist appointment, then we took Brandi for a walk around the subdivision and "rescued" several chairs and a garden ornament from the trash piles people put out for the once a year big garbage day. I was happy to see a truck come around later with a trailer and start taking a lot of useful things out of the piles. Waste not/want not...
Business - Had my mentor meeting and they had a lot of good ideas. One of them is rather than producing our own set (too expensive and time consuming and risky), or private labeling (usually 1000 minimum orders to private label and again quiet costly) since the main idea is to mix our historic stories with toys, to use what's out there and just offer it on our site, so I'm looking into that.
Book - Working on the backstories. It's been interesting to read more about women who fought in the war as well as slaves and the roles they played.
FI - Doing great on not spending. And have restarted visiting simpleliving.net most days for a daily dose of frugality and simplicity.
Spirit - Ebs and flows. Need to occasionally give myself a pep talk during the day.
Health - Doing a bit better on sugar, but then find that to fill that craving for sweets, I just tend to overeat other things that I don't necessarily even want - trying to fill that sweets void. Suggestions??
Garden - Looks awesome and brings lots of happiness this time of the year. It turns out one of the volunteer mentors on my team needs a lot of plants because he had an entire row of trees on a berm die, so it's nice to know I can share a bunch of perennials as a way to say thanks.
House - Tidied up house tonight. My mother in law kindly agreed to come up the next few days as I'm helping run the church's plant sale (something that has been on my to do list for three years - I finally brought up the idea and others jumped in)
Bus Vocab - Nada.
Good wishes and kind thoughts. Eileen


  1. Eileen,

    I have been enjoying your blog but often prevented from leaving comments. Perhaps blogger's temperment will let this one stand.

    I suggest two things for craving sweets (this is a problem we share)
    1) eat fruit, add it to the end of your meals and snack on fruit when you can. Here, I eat a lot of canned and frozen veggies, as they are less expensive and widely available year round. I am limiting strawberries for health reasons and it has been hard for me. Chocolate is my biggest and most favorite vice, that's been hard too. The other suggestion is to find a nonsugar sweetener you like.

    I have tried many. I don't like Truvia for my tea, but have used it to sweeten bitter smoothies with great success.

    I find that a sweet cup of tea is a bit of a distraction from a sugar craving and I try to enjoy it with a small treat (which is more filling with the tea than by itself).
    Artificial sweeteners are OK with me, I know a lot of people feel differently, but many "regular" things are too sweet for me since we switched over to "less sugar" alternatives.

    Your garden looks beautiful and magical. I wish I could play there!

    Good luck,


  2. Antoinette, Thanks so much for the comment and compliment to the yard. Sorry about the comment posting problem; I have no idea what that is. I have been so awash getting things done these past few weeks I haven't even gotten to come to the computer much. Good wishes to you! Eileen