Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 221 - Nightly roundup

This will be my first time to try and post a video. Kai and I were working on his letters on the back porch this afternoon. My new "smart phone" purchased after my old cell went to the great beyond has video taping abilities - something I only just realized. Good wishes to all! Marriage - check. Parenting - Will have to count playing basketball with Kirk and taking a long walk with both kids through the woods. Business - We decided to save money and build our own website using Google apps. Book - Reading a book about King George for back story for the books. Garden - Did some raking. Spirit - Called some family and friends today and had really nice chats all around. FI - The choice to build our own website should be a considerable cost savings. Health - Fairly healthy meals all day. House - nada Bus. Vocab. Nada - but I am listening to book tapes on vocab.

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