Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 205 & 206

Happy, wonderful, good day!;-) Helps that the sun is out and I have oodles of flowers blooming in the yard.
Marriage - check.
Parenting - Swim lessons, trip to Noodles (last one for while as we're sticking to our budget).
Business - Worked on website. At Greg's suggestion, I posted at a few other parent sites and this helped. We had 16 views today.
Book - Will do some tonight.
FI - Used a 50 percent off coupon and saved up the dry cleaning for a long time and saved $30. Sold $20 in plants from the driveway last night. My mom gave me a gift of $70 - just because - when she was visiting - gotta love moms!
Spirit - Brought a lovely bouquet to a friend today.
Garden - Dug up three more plants - Siberian iris to sell.
Health - Will still do cardio yet tonight.
House - Nada
Vocab. affaire de coer, alacrity, animus, anthropocentric

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