Friday, February 19, 2010

Home from NY Toy Fair

It's good to be home. The Toy Fair was wonderful as far as understanding more of the whole industry and seeing first hand more of the process. I wasn't able to find any pre-existing toy sets to use. But maybe that's a good sign no one else is doing it;-).

We may end up having to design from scratch and today I found a company in IL that does the process from design to prototype.

At the fair I got to listen to a presentation by the authors of the Toy Inventor's Handbook, which I'd read on the plane ride out. It was fun to hear first hand from people who've already been successful creating toys.

I stayed across the river from the Javvit Center as it was much cheaper and took the ferry each morning and evening - which was fun. But at $7.50 per one way, not an inexpensive form of travel! It was neat to be on the Hudson as one of the first stories I acted out with Kirk was about Washington crossing it after a battle - prior to his famous crossing of the Delaware. I didn't get to see much else in NY, but as this was the first time I went alone on a work trip, getting around in cabs, making reservations, and meeting people and exchanging business cards - my goal to become more of an independent business woman gained some serious yardage;-).

Otherwise, life is good. I'm working hard to enjoy the process and not get stressed. I'm reading a wonderful book called Creative Mind and Success and it stresses that you need to keep your mind always on the good, on what you want - never on what you don't/your fears/your worries. And boy is that hard to do! But if I can master it, what a joy each moment to only concentrate on the good!

And Greg, thanks for all you're doing! I couldn't do this without you!!!

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