Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 257 - Nightly Roundup

Hello to everyone. Hope all your plans are seeing progress and dreams are coming to fruition. Healthy food goal today - so/so. Have to try harder tomorrow. Met with my writers at the University. We have a lovely meeting spot at the cafeteria overlooking the lake. Then Greg and I met for lunch to look over the writing and discuss our next plan of action.

Marriage - Check.

Parenting - Kids in Iowa with the grandparents.

Business - Had a good meeting with the company that has helped us with putting our vision into a sort of mission statement.

Books - Met with our writers and we brainstormed for an hour.

FI -Not much.;-)

Garden - Nada

Spirit - Listening to a book tape about helping others. Went to a birthday party of a friend and had a really fun time, despite a nasty cold.

Health - breakfast - Diet Coke/leftover healthy Chinese w/Tofu, two bites of a Snickers, then tossed the rest. Lunch - Salmon salad, dinner fish and birthday cake.

House - Nada

Bus. Vocab. - banner, property, cashless exercise, 457 plan.

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