Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 269 Nightly Roundup

I continue to expand my I met my parents and brother for an afternoon at the MONSTER TRUCK JAM! Wow - that in one noisy venue. We met earlier at Quiznos for a quick lunch. The kids were mesmerized by the smashed cars, though Kai got a bit teary as we were leaving, wanting reassurance that they would "fix those cars."

Marriage - Check - Partly the gift to Greg of six hours in our quiet house rather than sitting in the Monster truck arena;-_)
Parenting - Kids had an awesome time.
Business - This was held in Rockford and there are so many going out of business, for lease, and for sale signs everywhere you looked in the commercial district that it reinforced for me that I don't want to be held to a brick and mortar investment and wonder if the high overhead costs of so many stores will force a lot to go to internet marketplaces - and if this means the end of strip malls and that maybe this is a good thing for the environment??
Book - Will look again at a storyboard outline of the main events.
Spirit - Had a really nice, albeit short time to visit with my parents and brother. We couldn't talk at the jam - you needed earplugs.
Garden - Am going to bring in some more Hyacinth from the garage tonight to force.
FI - Went through a gigantic pile of mail and paid a bunch of bills and made a pile for tax items.
Health - Did 20 cardio and will do a bit of ab work tonight.
House - Will double dip and count almost three hours of paperwork yesterday.
Bus. Vocab. - direcxt pay letter of credit, cash commodity, abstract, after hours trading.

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