Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 258 - Nightly Roundup and some happy news!

My company made the first round for the Govenor's Business Plan competition! Out of about 280 entries, 55 were selected to go onto round two. Now I will write an executive summary for round two. This was happy news indeed!

Brandi and I are just getting back from the vet, where they told me she needs to lose 4 pounds, which is considerable as she is 20 pounds. I guess that weight just creeped up, so we're going to cut down on the treats. Meanwhile, I'm going to try my own weight loss idea with taking a picture of all the meals I eat and see if as a result I eat healthier and less - starting tomorrow morning.

The kids went to Iowa this afternoon for a few days with the grandparents. Everyone enjoys those visits! Greg and I took advantage of a free night and went to see a romantic comedy - Valentine's Day - Thanks Greg! I know that wasn't your first choice;-)

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