Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 265 - Nightly Roundup

Please continue to send good thoughts/prayers to friend in the hospital. It's a tough stretch for their family.

I wasn't sure what day to pick up on, so I estimated it at 265.

Business/Book: Since I last updated, I've confirmed all my travel plans for New York City for the International Toy Fair. I've had my third meeting with my writers and we've engaged a company to help with our logo. I attended a class of a history professor at the University who is intrigued with our concept, both as a teacher and as the dad of a five year old. When I get back from NY, we will meet and possibly he will become part of an advisory board. I met another person who has 20 years experience in direct mailing who actually discouraged us from using catalogues in a direct mail campaign, saying with a typical 1 percent response rate, you are getting very little feedback for a so much money - estimated at about $30,000 for catalogues, mailing lists, postage, etc. He suggested we look more to the internet. That night, I was at Accelerate Madison and one of the speakers is an expert in internet marketing, so I noted down his name and hope to contact him.

Marriage - Greg gave me a great pep talk tonight as I was finding my anxiety growing and enthusiasm dimming. Hoping we can be each other's support through the entire building a company process.

Parenting - Kirk came home with a great kindergarten report card on the plus side. We got a call from the principal that he'd been being bullied on the bus for awhile on the concern side. The school takes this very seriously and the other parents were contacted and it all seems resolved. Kai fell today and hit his eyebrow area on the edge of the fireplace hearth and is spouting a womper of a black eye. I called the doctor's office but the on call nurse said as long as the eye isn't red and doesn't completely swell shut, it's okay. Poor guy!

Gardening - Went to the Garden Show Expo with my aunt Carol today and drank in all the forced flowers and trees and got several begonia bulbs. I also learned of several public gardens nearby that I hadn't heard of so my aunt and I planned a few summer visits. I've also volunteered to help with a plant sale fund raiser for my church and habitat for humanity, so it's nice to think my gardening can be helping others.

FI - Starting a business has a fair amount of expenses. And as we're busier, I'm watching small things a lot less closely, paying more for convenience. I will have to see where this all leads. I like to think our expenses are investments - think Rich Dad Poor Dad as opposed to money spent with no return, but at this point, that takes a lot of faith.

Spirit - A wonderful friend is getting married in Hawaii and asked us to come. We weighed it all out and decided we'd go. I'm thrilled beyond words to be part of her special event! I've never been there and heard it is a plant lovers' paradise - a decided plus. We're staying on the island of Kauii (sp?). Hawaii has been on my dream list, so it's thrilling to see it come true. Last weekend another great friend and I went to Milwaukee and had a wonderful time eating at Chez Jaques and visiting the Pabst Historical Mansion. So lot of happy time enjoying friendships.

Health/beauty - with the Hawaii trip out there five weeks away, a renewed determination to eat healthier and exercise more has arisen;-). I leave tomorrow morning for NY, but will hit it hard when I get back.

House - Some more progress on decluttering. Very little to no time for thrift store shopping so a lot less stuff coming in and more of a net gain in the simplifying;-).

Bus. Vocab. Getting a bit behind here. Will catch up upon my return.

Happy wishes to each of you!

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