Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A quick update.

Sharing of ice cream cones at the ZUZU cafe after a long walk - Unheard of!;-)
Hello to all. Hope the summer is going well for everyone. I just sent off my manuscript this morning to an editor in Milwaukee who will give initial feedback and comments for about $300. He has worked with quite a few small, but published authors, so I'm really hoping his comments will be a big help. Hitting the send button was a huge sense of accomplishment!!!!!

Now hoping to make family and finances the focus for the rest of August. Good wishes!! Eileen
P.S. All those books I checked out on sibling rivalry, and all the subsequent theories we've been trying out seem to be working - not to tempt the fates;-).


  1. Congratulations on the completion of the manuscript!

    You are an inspiration.

  2. Thanks so much Nay for taking the time to send the good wishes. They are really appreciated!