Saturday, August 21, 2010

And the beat goes on;-).

My trip by ambulance to the emergency room at 1 a.m. yesterday for chest pain and trouble breathing was a first, and very scary. Good news is they can't find any cause for this, with EKG looking just fine. I have been having a lot of breast pain in the left breast. Earlier on Thursday, my doctor did an exam and said she felt lumpiness and swollen glands so she ordered another mammogram and ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday - please send good thoughts to the universe on Tuesday. The night of the hospital trip, I took Codeine for the pain, and they symptoms appeared half hour or so later and I think they were connected. The emergency room doctor said that would not be a common known side-effect for Codeine, and correlation (in time) doesn't always equal causation, but that's my thought.

Greg graciously agreed to watch the kids this afternoon and tomorrow so I can address the editor's comments to the first manuscript and get the second draft ready, which will be submitted to him for a line edit later.

So far, the no shopping rule has been no problem, with just a few twinges as I passed a garage sale sign on the way to the zoo with the kids yesterday.;-).

Good wishes to all. Enjoy each moment this weekend!

Kids at the Merry-go-round at the zoo - as a celebration for Kai getting through his immunizations. Earlier in the day, the kids help vacuum out the car after I found a bunch more iris at the town dump to transport home.