Thursday, July 22, 2010

Falling off, getting back on, falling off, getting back on.....

Despite my lack up updates, I have not fallen off the planet. The kids at home this summer have taken a lot of extra time - well spent - but I certainly lost some of my forward momentum. Yesterday I went up to Germantown and had lunch with the former CEO of Brio trains who has started a new wooden toy company called Little, Little, Little company and was once again reinvigorated. He's struggling a bit with the new company, getting it off the ground in this economy, but really believes in the value of toys to help shape kids' lives and I suspect that passion will carry his company a long way.

I haven't done so well on my "spend money only on food and toiletries" for July challenge. As I look to my expenses tally to date, I see a lot of garage sale or thrift sale "bargains" that crept in including books, plants, basement shelves, iron planters for the deck, two lamps, a pair of shoes and two gifts (one purchased new). I didn't really "need" any of these things and while the total was under $50, that doesn't include the gas money and the time spent finding the deals;-). The hours I say I'm having a hard time finding are staring right back at me on this list. If I'd eschewed all shopping I would have had a minimum of 15 hours to spend on writing and working on my company. Thus, I dust myself off, and climb back on the wagon of staying focused on my goals.

Good wishes to all! Hope you're goals are coming to fruition, even if it's in bits and starts like mine.


  1. I was thrilled to find your blog. I am a regular at Frugal Living ( and loved, loved, LOVED your posts. I've missed you, so will start visiting you at your blog from now on! Mary (Kindhearted1 at Frugal Living) PS: Hubby and I are paying off our house soon!!!

  2. Hi Mary, Thanks for the kind comments. I've been so busy finishing the book for my company that I haven't posted as much as usual. Your post makes me want to do more. Many congrats on paying off your house!!! Eileen