Saturday, July 3, 2010

No shopping except food for a month?

I just finished watching the final part of Oprah's Debt Diet. Author Judith Levine of - On Not Buying It - My Year Without Shopping - was on and talked about how her year without shopping was one of the most peaceful, relaxing ones she's had.

This was very timely as I probably spent over five hours today getting a set of "bargain" living room drapes off Craigslist, a steal on two Leapfrog games at a thrift store, and a deal on a Gap sweater. But as I drove home, I couldn't help but wonder if I really needed any of that stuff and how I could have used those five hours to a more productive end.

Earlier this year I read "How I lived a year on Just a Pound a Day" by Kath Kelly and she wrote of a similar experience - just having lots and lots more time and peace.

So here's the challenge if you want to join me. Try to make it to the end of July buying NOTHING other than food and toiletries. Starting midnight tonight. Let's see how it goes. Hoping that abundance of extra time and peacefulness really sets in.

Good wishes! Eileen


  1. Good luck! I try to do that all the time and am pretty successful at it. I just hate to spend money. The only time I buy clothes is when Hubby tells me I look raggedy or that he is tired of seeing me wear the same things. LOL! And I dress nicely as I work in a corporate environment. I just hate to spend money on anything.

  2. Thanks for the good wishes Frances. Kudos on your ability to sidestep the shop-o-holic lifestyle;-).