Thursday, July 1, 2010

First "reading" of a chapter to a book club....

A friend was kind enough to invite me to read a chapter of my book to her book club. I was a nervous wreck going there. But I kept reminding myself this was my year for taking chances, going beyond my comfort zone, breaking new ground. I imagined as I drove along that if I just kept walking in the direction I wanted to go, under the fog of insecurity and worry and fear, a walkway or road would rise up to meet me. - This thinking in terms of metaphors is a by-product of too much time in my head;-).

I read my chapter and it felt a bit like bearing my soul to strangers (other than my friend). There were things they liked and didn't like. I came home rather exhausted, though I appreciated their feedback. Going to bed, I turned to page 51 in writer's book, "Most Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them" and had to smile when I read tip number 24 -"Don't listen to opinion and criticism from spouses, friends, and people on the street. If it's good, an editor will recognize that and it will be published." I book marked the page and may take that advice going forward;-).

I realize how much I need to work on my writing and have been thinking of taking writing classes. But the book I'm reading said beyond maybe one good class or a few how-to books on dialogue or character development, the time is better spent just doing the writing. I think that's true. I spend so much time reading about writing or researching the history - those are much easier than actually sitting at the computer and making the story appear.

Signing off for tonight. Good wishes to all. Eileen

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  1. Congrats on your first book reading. You are a very talented writer and will be a success. I hope you can enjoy the process. Perhaps your husband can take the kids away for the weekend so you can have some time to yourself to focus on your writing and your garden:-)