Friday, June 11, 2010

Day176 - Nightly Roundup

Toasting a happy date night and a good long conversation!
Marriage - Check
Parenting - Kids are off to the grandparents for a few days. This left Greg and I open for date night and a long overdue heart to heart - which always reminds me why I gave him my heart;-)
Bus/Book - Got a bunch of books on the Vikings from the library for more research on the characters of the villains (which is not to say there weren't a lot of great qualities among the Vikings).
Spirit - Listened to Dennis Waitley on the drive downtown for dinner and recommitted to my goals.
FI - Dinner out puts us over budget for food this week, but as Greg likes to say, "Lots cheaper than therapy;-)" Did make a casserole to tide us over for the weekend.
Health - About to go to the basement and do some cardio and watch Oprah.
Garden - Spent an entire free hour weeding, much needed, among the biting flies and humidity, but truly loved it. I got a book called the English Gardening School at a rummage sale on the drive back from Iowa today for $1 and will enjoy it tonight.
House - Slipping......
Bus. Vocab. Nada

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  1. Thanks Sweetie. I had a great time on our date night. I love you!