Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 175 - Nightly Roundup

Hello! Horribly cranky tonight for no good reason. Tomorrow will be a better day! Picture is of snacks set out for the garden club, complements of the local bakery on the drive back from swimming lessons. All was well until one member suggested I email the entire group the recipe;-)
Marriage - check
Parenting - Today was Kirk's last day of kindergarten - we ordered a small Star Wars action figure and he's quite happy about this. Both kids go to Iowa tomorrow for a few days with their grandparents.
Bus/Book - Keep plugging away. I did have a dream the night before last in which I handed over my manuscript to a professional editor, who read it for about three minutes, looked up and said, "Oh, you can't write can you? You don't even know how to do action scenes!" So some subconscious worries there;-).
FI - Doing fairly well on the day to day stuff, but the gutter estimate came in at $450 to replace just one long gutter and install a bigger downspout. As our dryer went out four days ago, another $550 or so, that area of the budget is not coming in so well. Drying things inside - though it's been a bit too humid for things to dry well.
Health - Eating fairly well - Watermelon is wonderful now and takes the place of other sweets.
Spirit - Got the blues/crankies, so maybe a good book tonight.
Garden - garden club came and toured last night, and said some very nice things to hear about an "enchanted garden". Some members, the tidiest of them, were a bit appalled at all the weeds, but to each his own;-).
House - Not too bad. Lately if stuff is left out, before I put it away, I ask if I can just donate it instead, and that works at least 25 percent of the time.
Bus. Vocab. Nada

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