Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 178 - Nightly Roundup

Marriage - check
Parenting - Stayed calm while Kai shrieked the entire 30 minute ride home from the grocery store because he didn't get a treat (having been naughty at the store). Kirk and I completed number 68 of his reading packets that we've been doing on our own.
Bus. Found a possible company for the toy soldiers to accompany the books. I went on on the discussion forums and several people gave me suggestions.
Book - Did more research for my draft.
Spirit - Finally found a place to recycle the computer Kai had dumped the full glass of water on and destroyed. Glad to have it out of the garage and out of a landfill.
Health - Told Kirk starting tomorrow, if Mom drinks more than one Diet Coke a day, she has to pay him $2. I'm hoping my frugality will lead to healthier habits with soda;-).
Garden - Got a six pack of tomato and a six pack of pepper plants at Walmart.
FI - Our dryer gave up the ghost after about 15 years and I found a pretty good deal at the local appliance shop that included delivery and taking the old one. I also cleaned out the gutters - we've gotten water in the basement twice now in a corner where the gutters over-flow. Also called to find out if we need another downspout.
House - Not looking too good, but I have two friends coming for lunch and a garden tour tomorrow so I'll be forced to do a good cleaning tomorrow morning.
Bus. Vocab. Nada

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