Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 174 - Nightly Roundup

Marriage - check

Parenting - kids in Iowa, I did create a shelf for this summer divided into Math, Reading, Spelling, Science, Spanish, Writing for Kirk's summer learning. We are going to try to spend 10 to 15 minutes per subject each day, which I'm excited about. I used to love "playing school" as a kid and just hope Kirk enjoys our mini-lessons as much as I hope to. I also did a big calendar of fun things to do, mostly free this summer. There's Tai-Chi for kids and parents at Monona Terrace overlooking the lake, many festivals, an Old World village, and many state parks.

Bus/Book - Did an hour of research on the Vikings - it's a fascinating area!

FI - Stopped by a garage sale and got three pairs of winter boots for the kids for $1 for all. Great bargain! And at a thrift store got about 10 videos - all science and learning for 25 cents each. Then paid $1.70 for a single 20 ounce Diet Coke and the irony of the "value" proposition didn't escape me;-). Also finishing a great book called, In Cheap We Trust, by Lauren Weber, which is a good reminder about the great qualities, environmental, personal, spiritual, about not being wasteful.

Garden - Spent two hours at the lovely Olbrich Botanical Gardens just wandering and enjoying their gorgeous gardens, then came home and weeded in the rain for almost two hours.

Spirit - Got a Deepak Chopra cassette set, also 25 cents, about spirituality that I will start listening to tomorrow.

Health - Did 20 minutes yoga.

house - Not too bad.

Bus. Vocab. Nada


  1. Is that the Olbrich Botanical Gardens in the picture, or your garden? It's beautiful! Well done with the thrift shop finds.

  2. Thanks! I WISH it were my garden. It is Olbrich's and absolutely lovely! Eileen