Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Getting finances back on track.

Taking a break now that the manuscript is off and getting our finances back in order. Turns out our Quicken program has gotten so complex, some things automatically downloaded, others didn't, that we are having to hand enter a lot of stuff, but that's good for keeping tabs.

I feel 100 percent better getting those numbers back in line! My new goal is three steps to FI each day. During the past couple days, I found several exemptions we'd missed for taxes, updated and corrected some of the Quicken information, started file for business expenses, and did some of my own home repairs (putting in new weather strip at front door - but now the door is really hard to close and the kids keep leaving it open a crack - so I'm not sure the real savings on this;-).

I also started cleaning the fridge and to date have tossed $10 worth of food. On the plus side, Greg and I agreed no lunches out this week and so I cooked like a fiend on Sunday - enchiladas, pasta salad, spinach mushroom casserole, German potato salad - (handy to have multiple crock pots) so we're good to go on this.

Greg and the kids have started their own "baseball club" to meet each night, which they love. Kai and I love our non-agitator washing machine with clear lid;-).

Goal is four hours of writing today, so I'll sign off. Good wishes.

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