Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some disappointments - some blessings

I submitted some of my story to a professional writer who teaches a class. She sent back very detailed feedback, but also was blunt in that the book is simply not ready to be sent out. It has a lot of challenges, both big and small. So I will still go to NY to "network", but I will not submit the book. On the plus side, I am staring anew with some very good directives like having a specific point of view for each chapter, to put more conflict within scenes to drive the story forward, to use dialogue more naturally (I have some long patches that border soliloquies) and to tighten up the motivations of the characters.

A blessing was someone calling who had found my i-phone on the street in front of the bookstore where I attended my first writers' critique group. I'm so happy to have my phone back! I'm not sure if the group is the best fit for me, but I appreciated their very supportive attitude.

So good wishes. Remember even two steps forward and one back is still a step forward;-). Good wishes. Eileen

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  1. Eileen,
    It's been a two steps forward one step back last few months for me as well, and most of that just has to do with moving into our house and making often minor adjustments in our daily lives. It's brave and smart of you to have had your writing evaluated so that you can make improvements.
    While, in general I feel blessed and lucky, our family has experienced our share of "falling sky moments" when we've had to just push through, until reality reasserted itself and things finally came into shape.
    I am so proud of your progress, it's been more than a year, but you've done so much to fulfill your goals and grow!
    Best of luck, and good wishes returned,