Thursday, January 27, 2011

Off to New York City tomorrow to the Int. Writer's Conference

I am excited and a bit nervous, a bit disappointed the whole thing is taking so long (I was there last year for the toy fair), but try to keep reminding myself all good things take time. Ironically, I was watching Oprah's Master Classes and Simon Cowell was on and he said patience was the key to success. He said he'd been interviewing someone for his company and said, "You start at the bottom, but in ten, fifteen years, you can really be making some money and know the industry." He said the young man looked at him like he was crazy - ten years!!! - didn't six months sound better;-). I can relate! Sometimes my blog is a reminder that I've been at this a long time with no real breakthroughs and that can be disheartening . . . and a good reminder that the journey is the key. Good wishes to all! Eileen


  1. Eileen,

    You have made so much progress, it surprised me that you feel like you are making "slow progress". Hey, forward is forward. I am almost the opposite of the young man. I have longevity in my genes. It makes me almost silly about time. While I am impatient in the short term, I am also in my thirties and still, as far as I can calculate, nowhere near middle age! When people tell me (for example) that a cutting I've taken will take a long time to establish itself, or that a tree I want to buy will not bear fruit for a couple of years I want to laugh. I like to tell those people that I have time. Not today, necessarily, but still, it's there. So often, though, I have to pep talk to myself about how "behind" I am on so many things. But it is not a race. I can get there from here, and I am going at the speed I am going whether it takes me three years or thirteen.
    Keep heart!

  2. Thanks for the lovely message Antoinette. It's perfect timing and echoes a book tape I'm listening to about how everyone wants a quick fix, but most things of value just take time and that successful people, like you, see time not as an enemy, but are perfectly comfortable with doing something that will take time. I LOVE that attitude, but need to adopt it a bit more in my heart. I think some of the time crunch I feel is also the dear desire of my heart to have another child and the clock seems to tick tock in my ear for that (I turned 43 this past month). But the time will pass regardless. I have definitely been bummed that a cutting for my garden will take so long - so now I'm going to "think Antoinette" next time I put a twig of hydrangea into the ground and just enjoy the process;-) Eileen