Thursday, March 31, 2011

Steps forward, steps back, doing the shuffle;-)

Hello out there. I haven't fallen off the planet. I know several of you blog too, so you'll understand the fall off the wagon thing;-)

I went to a writer's conference this past weekend. We got feedback both from the speaker, who is a published author in young adult - best selling author I should add - as well as a writing teacher from a nearby college. The feedback to me would be generously termed "lukewarm". They definitely found a lot of problems and issues that need work, so will be plugging onward there.

The retreat was held at a Catholic retreat center, so bare bones accommodations, but it was nice to just focus solely on writing for two days and also meet so many other local writers, both published and hopefuls like me.

Greg and I worked out another budget today, which I was really happy about. Our focus on FI has really taken a backseat to the idea for the company first, then for my writing. I dislike the feeling that we're not keeping a tight eye on things, working with a specific plan, so today's work to have specific numbers in each category was a relief.

We are having some "handymen" jobs being done and for some odd reason, that sort of thing always stresses me out. They found five of the posts to the porch completely rotted, the new storm door didn't fit properly, and when they went to shut off the main water to fix a house filter, they turned the wrong knob (ancient one in 30 year old house probably never turned on before) and it's started a slow drip so I probably need to call in a plumber. Wow, reading that sounds so petty considering all the true troubles in the world.

To turn toward the positive, I have set a goal to do two items focused on FI each day, starting today, and to get in a minimum of 20 hours a week on the book. The kids are doing great. Kirk's teacher told me he is now several grades ahead in both reading and math, so all those mini-lessons we do each night must be paying off. Both kids are spending a few days with their grandparents at the farm as it's spring break and I think they are all enjoying it-with a few "moments" thrown in of brothers' fighting, having to bring them to an eye appointment that went late and the impossible task of keeping a 3 and 7 year old entertained in an optometrists office for almost an hour. My mother in law is awesome, awesome, awesome, and always manages all this with great grace.

Good wishes!


  1. I know, there are bigger troubles, but one's own always seem huge. We have been dealing with a broken disposal and it's stupidly frustrating how often we forget its broken and I have to stick my hand down the sink and retrieve something gross.
    Sounds like you are staying the course. Good Luck with the book, I can't wait for it to come out.
    Oh, and I am taking core classes, still, Health, Comparative World Government, Post Civil War US History, and Information Systems. My classmates are mostly 19&20 years old. [sigh]
    Best wishes,

  2. I was once without our disposal for awhile and missed it terribly! Good luck getting it fixed. The classes you're taking sound interesting. I'm taking a yoga class now near the university so mostly 19 and 20 year olds there too. They seem much better at yoga;-). Eileen